Hello! Thank you for dropping by! I'm Mukul Sharma, founder of Doss.games

I write $5k-$25k checks into early-stage tech startups around the world across consumer and Web3/blockchain space. I help founders with product, fund raising strategies, investor intro’s, community building, and GTM strategy. From past 10+ yrs, I have developed and blessed with a strong network 100+ exceptional founders and operators who co-invest with me and truly help the startup community. If you're building something ambitious, reach out to me mukul@doss.games or TG @muks887.

I can help you raise $250K-$5M with my global operators, no advisory % ( I don’t believe in this and only connect to operators if I’ve the conviction to invest that gives me enough skin in the game)

I am lucky to have invested in these companies and more:

Co-investors: Sequoia capital, Woodstock capital, Maninder Gulati and others.

Co-investors: Neotribe, SistemaAsia capital, Maninder Gulati and others.

Co-investors: Y Combinator, Anupam Mittal, Maninder Gulati, Soma Capital and others.

Co-investors: Y Combinator, Soma capital, TDV Partners and others.

Co-investors: Super angels inc Alok Mittal, Pine lab founders, others.

Co-investors: Titan capital, Better capital, Kunal Shah and others.

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